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About Floreti Silk Flowers & Attachment Bases


Floreti silk flowers are jewelry. We professionally treat fabrics to make sure they will hold shape well and minimize fraying. So that you may enjoy your silk creation for many years to come.

There are various techniques in creating silk flowers. Some flowers may feel "papery", "stiff" to the touch some softer, flowing... depending on the technique and thickness of the fabric. If you like flowers with fraying edges creating that "vintage" look, when ordering simply let us know what style you are looking to attain and we will create a design you will adore and cherish for many years.

Some tips about using/wearing Floreti silk flower jewelry

We recommend to wear the flowers last, after your hairstyle is done.  Hair sprays, fragrance, or other chemicals on silk flowers may ruin the fabric or leave spots on it and because of natural properties of freshwater pearls, gemstones, sterling silver may affect the jewelry.  For more tips on storing and care of silk flowers, please visit: Silk Flower Care

On the other hand, do not be afraid to handle the Floreti silk flowers, wear them, have fun with them. They look very nice with a scarf, shawl, on a jacket, with a hairband or pony tail, you can pin them to a purse / handbag, belt, or with a dress at the empire line..., soo many possibilities!

I hope you enjoy your unique Floreti creation! If you have any questions, please feel free to write us anytime.



We use professional quality attachment bases. Proven by years of use among customers, designers, and hair stylists. This is a link to photos and descriptions to learn more: Attachment Bases

Our hair clip bases work well with all types of hair from very fine, straight to very thick and curly. However, if you are extra worried, let us know and we will attach a non-slip grippy to the clip base. Or, we can mail a pair of grippies with your hair accessory purchase so you may try out the hair clip at home, at your leisure and if you do feel that you need the extra hold, simply attach included grippy with crazy glue or any glue good for metals.



  Irina Floret