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Silk Flower Jewelry Care

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Floreti silk flowers are jewelry. They can be enjoyed for many years and be passed down from generation to generation.


To properly store silk flowers, keep them in a dark, dry place at room temperature in sturdy box with enough space to fit in. Do not subject them to prolonged and excessive moisture, or direct sunlight.


Dust: Use feather duster to gently shake the blooms to remove dust.

Stains: Stains on silk flowers should be professionally cleaned. In some cases restoration may be necessary.


Spraying fragrance directly on silk flowers can leave stains. Therefore, the best way to scent silk flowers is to spray fragrance on a cotton puff or facial tissue, and put it in a box together with your accessory.  Cover the box and leave it for a couple of days.

After wearing silk flowers, you can leave the scented tissue or cotton puff in the box, or discard it. After a while your accessory will start to wear off the scent and you will be able to use a different fragrance next time.


Store in soft cloth jewelry box or pouch, separate from metallic jewelry.

Do not use chemical or ultrasonic cleaners on your pearl jewelry.

Do not wear pearls in swimming pools with chlorinated water.

I know for most of us it is hard to keep track of this, with so many things on our minds, but try to remove your pearls while doing housework, washing dishes, or applying hair spray, perfume...

Expose pearls regularly to humid conditions. If stored in a safe, place a container of water in the compartment with them. (This only applies to pearl jewelry, not silk flower jewelry with pearls. Since, it may ruin the silk flowers.)

Do not subject pearls to prolonged, direct sunlight or intense halogen lights.


Handle Swarovski Elements with care, as they are very delicate. Occasionally polish your Swarovski crystal jewelry with soft lint-free cloth or non-treated jewelry polishing cloth to maintain original brilliance.

If crystals are soiled, clean them by hand in lukewarm water or with a damp cloth or Q-tip. Always dry your jewelry immediately after cleaning and store in a dry, cool place until ready to wear.

Do not use abrasive or corrosive cleaners. Do not expose to prolonged sunlight, extreme temperatures, contact with matches, rubber bands, or any materials that contain sulfur.



Sterling Silver, gold and other precious metal jewelry has a natural property of tarnishing or oxidizing. Best way to store such jewelry is in an air-tight container or plastic bag with anti-tarnish paper inside. It will slow down the tarnishing process. To prevent scratching, line container with soft cloth and try to keep your jewelry separate from one another.


To clean your precious metal jewelry use jewelry polishing clothes or jewelry cleaning solution. Make sure to dry it thoroughly after dipping into the solution.


Handle feathers gently. Avoid pulling out fibers or breaking shafts. Dust or clean with a soft damp cloth if necessary, then gently blow dry them.

Store feathers with mothballs in a container with enough space to fit in, to keep their natural shape. Feather fibers may be combed gently with a toothbrush. Fibers that separate can be stroked back together with fingers, to "zipper" them back together.

Please do not use any sprays or chemicals on feathers as it may ruin them.


When a design consists of mixed materials, the most sensitive material should determine cleaning method used.


  Irina Floret